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Financial Aid and Scholarships

How to Take Cornell Notes

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AVID at Bell Gardens High School

AVID Seniors - FIVE Scholarship Apps Req for Sem 2

Choose from any listed here or suggest one of equal merit for approval. 

Scholarships and Contests

Cal State Apply - Overview


Cal State Apply -EOP Application


Completing the UC Application


Navigating the UC Application


Common Application - Tutorial


Calculating the UC GPA

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Calculate your UC-CSU GPA

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How to Apply to the CSU

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Congratulations to BGHS for winning the CSBA Golden Bell Award!

CSBA 2013

Awarded by the California School Board Association (CSBA) to Bell Gardens High School for Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID)
Bell Gardens High School recognized the need for a systematic approach to assist students in becoming college ready. Over the last 15 years, the school has created a college readiness environment using the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) College Readiness System.


Hector Chacon, Board President; Susanna Contreras Smith, Superintendent; Gerri Guzman, Board Vice President; Cleve Pell, Superintendent; Aida Hinojosa, Director; Juan Herrera, Principal; Elizabeth Lowe, Coordinator

Golden Bell.jpg

SIR Day 2013

SIR Day SIR Day SIR Day SIR Day 2013 SIR Day 2013 170_0161.JPG 170_0171.JPG 170_0157.JPG 170_0173.JPG 170_0168.JPG 170_0185.JPG 170_0286.JPG 170_0285.JPG 170_0284.JPG 170_0260.JPG 170_0258.JPG

Watch A CLASS DIVIDED Online at

Student Paths


Go to:


1.       Answer all questions that have an asterisk (*).

2.       If you are NOT interested in learning more about the post-high school options, you MUST check the box that states: 

           I am not interested in learning more about any of the above sponsors.

3.       You will receive credit when your COMPLETED SURVEY is received AND your name appears on the next report (Fri, Feb. 22).

Boys in Peril - A Documentary by Graham Streeter

Please visit for more information about this amazing film

shot at Bell Gardens High School in the Spring and Summer of 2012.

Click here for the trailer.

AVID Team with Graham Streeter


College Door

HuertaCollegeDoor.jpg image-1.jpg 170_0102.JPG 170_0103.JPG 170_0104.JPG 170_0106.JPG 170_0107 - Copy.JPG 170_0108.JPG 170_0109.JPG 170_0110.JPG 170_0111.JPG 170_0112.JPG 170_0113.JPG 170_0114.JPG 170_0115.JPG 170_0116.JPG 170_0119.JPG 170_0121.JPG 170_0120.JPG chiu.jpg Kim.jpg mancilla.jpg pringle.jpg StanfordDoor2012.jpg popkin.jpg

Bell Gardens High School

  A National Demonstration School

"As of May 2011, for the 2010-2011 school year, 
out of approximately 4,500 schools throughout the USA, 
there are 118 National Demonstration Schools."

Advancement Via Individual Determination
This site is designed to provide information to all students to ensure a successful path 
from high school to college. 

If you have additional questions about coursework or college entrance requirements, 
please see your counselor.
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Completing the UC Application

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Scholarship Bulletins

College Counselor

Ms. Brendzal's College Site - links to local scholarships, testing websites, financial aid applications, and college information

College Essay - Helpful Links

Here are some resources to guide you in writing your college essay.


How to Answer the UCs PIQs (short video on UC website)

UC PIQ Guide (handout from class)

UC PIQ Writing Tips (UC website)

PIQ Essay Samples (website)

PIQ Essay Samples (PDF - same as website above)

UC PIQs Examples (90 minute video)

College Essay Guy's Free Course to Writing the College Essay

Let Me Introduce Myself (First lines from Stanford’s application essays)

BGHS AVID Cardboard Confessions

Graduate Silhouette