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Am I Eligible for College?

Your eligibility for college will vary depending on the school.  After you explore colleges that offer programs that interest you, be sure to search the website to see if you have taken the coursework and exams required to be considered for admission.  Since the majority of BGHS seniors apply to California schools California State University and University of California systems, you can check your eligibility by clicking on the links below.

Cal State University System Links

GPA Calculator

CSU Eligibility Index - Check your eligibility using your GPA and SAT/ACT scores.

To keep track of your progress toward college eligibility, create an account at CSU Mentor.

University of California System Links

To apply to the UC system, click here University of California

Check your eligibility by clicking on the links below.

Minimum Admission Requirements

Statewide Path - Students who are in the top 9 percent of California high school graduates and aren't admitted to any of the UC campuses they apply to will be offered a spot at another campus if space is available. 

Local Path - The top 9 percent of students at each participating California high school can be designated UC-eligible.


You may also find this A-G Requirements/Transcript Worksheet helpful.