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English Dept Summer Assignments

Summer Assignments for ALL Students - Summer 2019

The Bell Gardens English Department assigns summer assignments 

to ALL students. This assignment is intended to promote literacy and decrease the skills regression that many students experience over the summer. Please refer to the information on this page for information and resources.


Click on the link below for your assignment. You are encouraged to purchase your own text. However, links to texts available online are also listed if you prefer to read online.


Seniors - Class of 2020  Research two careers using The Occupational Outlook Handbook, take notes, and write a 500-word reflection. AP students will read Fences and Metamorphosis and write eight 200-word responses. 

(CLICK HERE for Senior assignment details)


Juniors - Class of 2021  Read The Bluest Eye and write responses to ten questions. 

(CLICK HERE for Junior assignment details)


Sophomores - Class of 2022  Read Angela's Ashes, complete a dialectical journal, and a response; Honors students will complete an additional writing assignment. 

(CLICK HERE for sophomore assignment details)


Freshmen - Class of 2023 Read Night and write three responses.

(CLICK HERE for Freshman assignment details)

Read Online

Kami - free app for use on any device

XODO - free app for use on any device

Night (pdf)

Night (link)

Angela's Ashes (pdf)

Angela's Ashes (link)

The Bluest Eye (pdf)

The Bluest Eye (link)

Fences (pdf)

Fences (link)

The Metamorphosis (pdf)

The Metamorphosis (link)

Occupational Outlook Handbook (link)


How to use KAMI to read and annotate online

To download and install the Kami app to your Chromebook:

1. Click Google Web Store

2. Type Kami in the search box (upper left)

3. Select Kami Extension – PDF and Document Annotation (Add to Chrome)

To upload a pdf to Kami

1. Download the pdf to your tablet or Google Drive

2. Click the Kami icon on your tablet and create a free account.

3. Open your pdf from your tablet (downloads) or Google Drive.

4. Use the tools to annotate as you read.

5. Save your document as you go.