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Getting in to College

Your road to college eligibility can begin as early as the 7th grade.  However, most students don't begin to think about college when they enter high school.  Even if you do not know what career you want and have no idea what college you'll attend, it's a good idea to start preparing yourself now for the college admission process that will begin your senior year. 
To do this, you should:
  • Take advantage of the rigorous courses offered at BGHS - you should attempt Honors and AP classes to stretch yourself.  
  • Do your very best in all your classes - attend every class every day and keep up with assignments you miss on days you are absent.
  • Connect with other students in your classes - learn to work with other students to review material and complete projects.
  • Be aware of your progress - check your grade every 2-3 weeks and discuss with your teacher and problems you are experiencing.
  • Be prepared to learn - take Cornell Notes (video demo), study for tests, complete essays, homework assignments, and projects.
  • Get the extra help you need  - participate in study groups and go to after school tutoring.
You will find that all the hard work you put into your classes now will pay off later. 
Not only will you be "eligible" for college,