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These courses satisfy

in your A-G's
(2 years required)
(3 years recommended)

Foreign Language Courses

AP Spanish Language and Culture - Mrs. Silva and Ms. De Dios

The AP Spanish Language and Culture course provides opportunities for the Spanish students to demonstrate their fluency and proficiency in the modes of communication from the Intermediate to the Pre-Advanced range. The three modes of communication (Interpretive, Interpersonal, and Presentational) are foundational to this particular course of study. The AP Spanish Language and Culture course is conducted exclusively in Spanish. Students in the AP Spanish Language and Culture course demonstrate an understanding of the culture(s), incorporate interdisciplinary topics (connections), make comparisons between the native language and the target language and between cultures (comparisons), and use the target language in real-life settings (communities).

Spanish 3/4 SS -- Ms. Melgar Del Cid 

 The Spanish 3/4 (Spanish Speakers )courses fulfill item E of the A-G Requirements. These courses are designed for students who are Spanish speakers; therefore, the class is merely taught in Spanish.  Students will be exposed to three modes of communication; Interpretive, Interpersonal, and Presentational. 

Likewise, Grammar structure, short stories, cultural literature and periodicals will be studied.  The main goal of these courses is to prepare students to read, write, listen, and speak Spanish fluently and proficiently so that they are ready for the next possible level of Spanish. Consequently, this course is aligned with the California Standards for Foreign Language Learning (The 5 C’s): 

Communication by using the language for communication in real life situations; 

Cultures by demonstrating an understanding of the culture(s); 

Connections by connecting with other subject areas through lessons that are developed around common themes; 

Comparisons; by comparing and contrasting languages and cultures;

Communities by extending learning experiences from the world language classroom to the home and to a global society.