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GREEN - Hydroponic Farm

Green Hydroponic Farm
Urban Farm Helps Urban School Get Its Fresh On

October 7, 2014 - Orange County Register

class of 18 with Awards


Create Your Own Psychology Project







Applying the Steps of Scientific Research, students designed a psychology experiment. Each group selected their own topic and research method, which had to be approved by the class committee. After conducting the experiment, the next step was for students to analyze their data and draw conclusions. Students created a poster board that reflects the process of the project. Each group will present their project at the Pathways Exhibition on March 16 and write an article to publish their results in the iCARE Journal of Psychology.

iCARE Inspirational Movies

These inspirational videos were created by 9th grade iCARE students in their English classroom after a unit on setting SMART goals and exploring the difference between a Fixed and a Growth mindset.

Follow Your Dreams
Losing Someone You Love