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2020 Eve & Gene Black Summer Medical Career Program
Posted 1/15/20

Basic program parameters:

  • Medical Mentor/Internship Program: Students work under the supervision of a health care educator, shadowing various medical professionals (nurse, nutritionist, pharmacist, lab technician, physician and/or medical specialist, etc.) who together provide a range of patient care and services.
  • Age & Grade Requirement: Applications are accepted from high school students who are currently in the 11th or 12th grade AND born on or before 4/1/04 or meet the older age requirements of their selected facilitySee Application and/or Facility Address & Requirement List for specific facility requirements.   
  • Program Dates: There are 2, 3 and 4-week programs available from June 29 - August 7, 2020. See Application and website for specific date information. Only the medical facilities listed on the application participate.
  • Submission Instructions and Application Deadline: The original set of required documents and 1 copy of this entire set must be sent by US Mail ONLY and mailed by Monday, FEBRUARY 17, 2020.

·       Applicant Notification: All students will be notified if accepted or not VIA EMAIL by Thursday, April 2, 2020.  If a student is not contacted by that date, they have NOT been accepted.

  • No Fee: There is NO FEE required to participate and if a financial need exists, a selected participant may request a stipend to cover program expenses, such as transportation.


Other important program information:

·       Typed Applications: We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that students fill in the application online or to download and save a copy to type and complete later. (To do this, students must have the free Adobe Reader program.)

·       NO Online Submission: Students need to print both pages of their completed application, have them signed by a parent/guardian and then submit with other required documents needed for an application set.


Link to application: