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Elizabeth Kocharian

The LAST day to turn in any work that was assigned this semester will be December 16, 2019. 


NO LATE WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER December 16, 2019!  NO assignments or tests can be made up after that date.

You have been warned well in advance.    (BEST  LINK) (click on links to find out about who serves on each committee and more about the committee itself)     (click on links to find out who serves on each committee and more about the committee itself)



The Deal:

1) Go the the website above and put your zip code (likely 90201) to see which museums are participating 

2) Download the tickets onto your phone

3) Go to the museum between now and February 22nd,  (remember, some are free this day only, some are free EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR). 

4) Take a selfie of you at the museum - the signage in the front is a great selfie spot

5) Take a selfie with you and at least one piece of art that you "connect with" 

6) Show me that selfie in class and I will credit your school loop with 20 points EXTRA CREDIT!!!!! 


Happy Viewing,   


Ms. K.  


Any time ya learn, ya gain - Bob Ross














If you got your resume rough draft back, and you were told that "hardworking" or "organized" are not skills, look here:


For food related careers:


For retail careers:


To take a skills inventory: 


Good luck, I am looking forward to seeking resumes that will impress future employers! 


Ms. K. 

If you are planning to live in California, you need a Reality Check for how much you need to make and how much you will spend.  


1) Go to:


2) Take the "Choose Your Lifestyle" option and answer the questions (this will take 10 to 20 minutes).  


3) Copy the information on the LAST PAGE or SUMMARY PAGE to a word doucment, then post the assignment on the "Reality Check" tab on School loop to get 20 points. 


4) Go to: and begin your skills profiler.  I expect to see these skills on your resume under the "Skills" section. 

Your portfolio must have the following items to get the top score of 200 points:


 ○ Cover Letter that lists the job you wish to apply for as well as the skills you possess that make you eligible to apply.        

         (see for an example) 


 ○ Resume  tailored to the job you wish to apply for

        (open a word document, go to the "file tab", open up a "new" resume, choose either "apothecary design" or "entry level resume")


 ○ 1 to 2 letters of recommendation from ANYONE other than Ms. Kocharian, Chef Helm, or Mr. Montes.  Think of someone you

     volunteered for


 ○  A list of the skills you possess see (Resume Skills section on School Loop) 


 ○ Any certifications, awards, ROP certificates, CIF certificates, ServSafe, etc...


 ○ Work Samples, pictures of projects, menus for CHOP, Gingerbread House pictures, pictures that prove the hard work you have

     accomplished either at school, at work, on a sports team, etc. 


For CHOP Kids only:

In addition to the above, you must also include the following (each requirement earns you up to10 points extra credit)


                               ○ Kitchen Job description

                               ○ Costing Card

                               ○ Spec Sheet for Recipe 




Dine Equity (parent company of IHop & Applebees) :  



Darden (parent company of Olive Garden and Macaroni Grill):



Foot Locker Inc. (parent company of all Foot Locker brands as well as Champs and Foot Action)




Video for Diminishing Marginal Returns


Table for Law of Diminishing Marginal Returns Video
# of Workers(input) # of Pizzas produced (output) Marginal Product
0 0  
1 5  
2 15  
3 20  
4 22  
5 22  
6 18  


BG Student Government Day Website


Application Deadline MARCH 8th!!!


Student Govt Day: April 5th.


You can also call 562.806.7650 for more information.  


The question is not "will we have an earthquake", but "when will we have an earthquake". 


Using your knowledge of the Industrial Revolution in the United States and your HACCAP knowledge from the CHOP class, a group of no more than 3 students will create a tri-fold brochure (using Microsoft Publisher) explaining to the public:

* A title, the Concept of HACCAP and the names of the members in your group

* The area of HACCAP that your group is analyzing and  the potential risks for the area your group is analyzing

* Embed a sample of a document that your group can use in your analysis (see the attachments in the next box)

* A historical scenario of a HACCP risk and how it was handeled historically (think The Jungle or Typhiod Mary) 

* A current scenario of a potential hazard in your area and how to handle it properly

* A bibliography of the sites used in creating this document


This project is worth 100 points


Feel free to add pictures and make it aesthetically pleasing to read, as it will on on display at the Choices fair at Cal State La, February 20th, and you may be chosen to represent your piece.   


Big Business in the United States - Vertical and Horizontal Integration
  1. Identify a business you would be interested in researching.
    1. It could be related to your future career interest
    2. It could be a place you shop or frequent or produce an item you purchase
  2. Read articles #1 and #2 on school loop after reading and taking Cornell Notes on pages 241-244.
  3. Research the business you chose to determine if they are either vertically or horizontally integrated. - If they ARE integrated, create a rough sketch to draw and write out the graphics to represent the integration in your notebook (use the title above).
  4. If your choice is NOT integrated, create a plan for that business to integrate either vertically, horizontally, or both, you choose.  Next, create a rough sketch to draw and write out the graphics to represent the integration in your notebook.
  5. When your rough draft is complete, use the 11 x 14 paper and colored pens, markers, pencils, to create the graphic and annotated illustration of the business.
  6. This project is worth 50 points.  It is due on December 1st, 2015.
Sample questions for Oral History Interview

Sample Questions To Conduct An Oral History Interview


Please tell me your name, your birthdate, and our relationship.


What are the most important lessons you've learned from your education?


What are you proudest of accomplishing in your education?


How has school changed over the years?


What was it like when you grew up going to school?


What do you miss most about the way school used to be?


Who are some of the teachers (or students) you can never forget?


Do you remember any great stories or legends about your school?


Did your parents go to school? 


How much schooling did you/your parents accomplish? 


Who were your best friends? What were they like?


Did you enjoy school?


What would you do for fun?


Are you still friends with anyone from that time in your life?


What are your best memories of grade school/high school school?


How has being a parent changed your view of education?


What do you do for a living? Did school prepare you for that?


Is there anything you wanted to talk about that we didn't get to?

Elevator Speech Instructions

Your "Elevator Speech" must include the following:

  1. Introduce yourself to your subject (the person you are interviewing).  State the date of the interview and the city the interview is taking place in (known as "timestamping")
  2. Name the person you are interviewing today.
  3. Ask the subject if they are ready to begin. They should be comfortable during the interview.  Stopping is ok.
  4. State the purpose for this interview.  Briefly describe the project you are doing. Do not go into excruciating detail.
  5. Let the subject know what you expect to do with the information you gather today in the interview.
  6. Thank the subject for their time.
  9. Upload your elevator  speech to your front page on School Loop and email it to me as well.
Ms. Kocharian & Mrs. Flores' meeting Ms. Flores and Mr. Infanzon
Ms. Kocharian & Mrs. Flores' meeting Ms. Flores and Mr. Infanzon
At the Supreme Court with Justice Ginsburg