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12/14 AXA Achievement Scholarship

12/15 Burger King Scholars Program

12/30 Imagine America College Scholarships for High School Student

12/30 FIRE's Free Speech Essay Contest

01/16 Allegra Ford Thomas Scholarship

01/17 JFK Profile in Courage Essay Contest

02/05 RMHC Scholars/Hacer Scholarship Program

02/13 We the Students Bill of Rights Institute

02/14 Bill of Rights Institute

02/23 LivemásTaco Bell Foundation

02/20 Moody's Mega Math Challenge

02/28 PFund Foundation

02/28 California Chafee Grant for Foster Youth

03/14 Elks Most Valuable Student Scholarship

03/14 Elks Vocational Grant Application

04/1 Elks Scholarship for Students with Disabilities 

05/3 Models of Excellence Scholarship

What are scholarships?

A scholarship is free money for college.  Some scholarships come in the form of a cash award and some will require that you provide evidence that you are enrolled in school before a check can be released.  Either way, it's free.  In addition, some scholarships can be renewed, which means you are awarded a scholarship to be used during your freshman year of college and, if you're GPA is high enough, the same organization will renew the scholarship for the next award.
You should apply as early as your junior year of high school.  If you win the scholarship, it will be reserved for you for when you register for college.  You should also continue applying for scholarships when you are already in college.  Visit your college financial aid office and continue to check the websites below for scholarship opportunities.
As a senior, be sure to sign up for membership with the Bell Gardens High School PTSA.  It's only $10 and your membership will make you eligible for several local scholarships offered through our school.  You can pick up a PTSA membership form from your 2nd period teacher in the Fall or from the Principal's Office.  Also, check the Counselor's Office frequently to make sure you don't miss any scholarship opportunities.
You should apply for 1-2 scholarships per week to improve your chances.  Click on the links on the right of this page to get started!

Good luck!
Scholarship Directory
Scholarship Directory
Scholarship Directory
Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF)
Scholarship Directory
United Negro College Fund (NCF)
Scholarship Directory


Expired Scholarships

08/31 Unigo Make Me Laugh Scholarship

09/15 Gates Scholarship

11/12 Anne Ford Scholarship

12/01 Dell Scholars Program

02/28 MUSD Elem/Intermediate School Scholarship

02/28 TeenDrive 365 Video Challenge

02/28 Lions Club of Montebello(see Ms. Brendzal's page or College Center) 

02/28 Tzu Chi Foundation

02/28 The Dream.Us National Scholarship

02/28 One for Two Educational Foundation

03/01 Create-a-Greeting-Card Scholarship

03/01 Tortoise Young Entrepreneurs Scholarship

03/02 CORE Que Llueva Scholarship

03/08 Montebello PTA Scholarship

03/10 Bicycle Casino Community Foundation Scholarship

03/15 Scholarships for Scholars of Montebello

03/15 Friends of MUSD Foundation

03/28 Work Ethic Trade School Scholarship

03/29 Thomas J. Donfrio Ed. Foundation (see Ms. Brendzal's page or College Center) 

03/30 Foster Care to Success Scholarship

04/01 HENAAC Scholars Program

04/01 Eleanor Barry Memorial Scholarship

04/11 Henke Family Trust Scholarship (see Ms. Brendzal's page or College Center) 

04/12 Aureo and Juanita Salas Memorial Scholarship (see Ms. Brendzal's page or College Center)   

04/15 The Steps for Change Scholarship 

04/15 Diabetes Scholars

04/15 Sigma Pi Alpha Sorority Scholarship 

04/15 College JumpStart Scholarship

04/18 City of Commerce Scholarship Program

04/21 The Shops at Montebello (see Ms. Brendzal's page or College Center) 

04/22 2019 Student-View Scholarship Program 

04/26 SCAG Scholarship Program

04/29 Shelly Spiegel-Coleman Scholarship (see Ms. Brendzal's page or College Center) 

04/29 Daniel Herrera Memorial Scholarship (see Ms. Brendzal's page or College Center) 

04/29 BGHS Foundation Athletic Scholarship (see Ms. Brendzal's page or College Center) 

04/30 BGHS PTSA Scholarship (see Ms. Brendzal's page or College Center) 

04/30 MUSD Elem/Intermediate School Scholarship (see Ms. Brendzal's page or College Center) 

04/30 Beauty School Scholarship

04/30 A Voice for Animals Essay Contest

04/30 Unigo All About Education Essay Contest

04/30 Western Union Foundation

05/01 California Latino Legislative Caucus Foundation Scholarship

05/08 Ross Automotive Group Scholarship (see Ms. Brendzal's page or College Center) 

05/15 Pledge Your #Collegiance

05/24 B. Davis Scholarship

05/31 Jeff Sein Kwan Yang Memorial Scholarhsip (see Ms. Brendzal's page or College Center) 

05/31 AAEDE Scholarship (see Ms. Brendzal's page or College Center) 

05/31 Comedy Defense Driving

05/31 Jeff Sein Kwan Yang Memorial Scholarship (see Ms. Brendzal's page or College Center) 

06/14 Abbott and Fenner Scholarship

06/15 AmericanMuscle Automotive Scholarship

06/19 Big Sun Scholarship

06/30 Unigo Do-Over Scholarship